Mandatory Sports Practises at Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart School employs a number of mandatory practices, that are seamlessly merged with our curriculum to ensure our students derive the maximum benefits from Sports & Athletics.
Mandatory Practices

While our sports curriculum is designed to concentrate on every child’s potential, we hope that it intills a lifelong motivation for continuous physical activity. Something that the children of today’s day and age are missing in their lives.

As such, we’ve devised a set of mandatory practices to ensure that our students retain maximum interest in their sport of choice. These practices also ensure maximum guidance and security of our students.

Mandatory Practies
1. 3 ½ hours of sports periods per week is mandatory in the time table with compulsory sports periods.
2. Students are encouraged to participate in various sports events during the academic year. Bonus marks are allotted to such students as encouragement and appreciation.
3. Consistent and Enthusiastic Coaches - The School Sports Department has 12 full time sports coaches and teachers. Many are trained coaches from NIS (PATIALA) who deliver innovative approaches to physical education making practice and drill fun and competitive
4. Regular Training Camps - School organizes sports camps twice a year wherein students stay in school premises and take advance trainings. Parents are counselled to support their children by volunteering to drive them for extra practice.
5. Recognise Achievement - Recognition of effort especially when it comes from a coach or a parent always motivates the student. Individual level incentives are offered regularly. Strategies range from a “well done”, “pat on a back “two marks in the terminal exam aggregate” encourage students’ participation in sports.
6. The NSA (National Sports Academy) in campus is a 1800 sq. ft. sports hall, equipped with state-of-art equipments from across the world.
7. It is mandatory for our Sports staff to travel with our students, especially female participants during State, National or International events. A female staff compulsorily accompanies female students who go for such tours.
8. Provide Leadership Opportunities - Providing opportunities for leadership and expecting athletes to accept responsibilities like demonstrating a skill or becoming the team captain for the day is done on regular basis.
9. Varieties of practice activities are conducted to remove the possibility of boredom. Students are challenged to invent a game to practice particular skill. This creates an environment of enthusiasm.
10. After–Hours Club – Students are allowed wait after the school hours to practice various sports. This promotes students participation in their favourite sport. Apart from the above, practice sessions are conducted early in the morning as well as on Sundays.
11. School regularly hosts National, State and District level Tournaments in the campus which develops ‘Sports Culture’ among Sacred Heartians.
12. The School trains young minds (Pre-Primary) Basketball, Skipping and Rhythmic Gymnastics to develop love for sports at a very young age.