The iconic Football Programme from School. Now in Sacred Heart School.

We believe the future of Lionel Messi(s) and Christiano Ronaldo(s) will come from within our school.

The proposed LaLiga programme has been customized especially for the students of Sacred Heart School.

LaLiga is the biggest and most iconic football club of the world. It is a top professional football division of the Spanish Football League System. Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Antoine Griezmann are some of the renowned football players who have played for LaLiga.

The programme will provide year – round training and conditioning to students using the technical expertise and training methodology of LaLiga Football School overseen by senior technical heads and executed by qualified coaches

The players enrolled in the programme will undergo an extensive year around curriculum focusing on technique, skills and fitness to hone players for competitive matches, as well as physical, emotional and mental strength development.

The coaches train the students for the same with foreign coaches stepping in twice a month for sessions.

Full time dedicated coach will be available to the school.

The Spanish coach from Laliga is Coach Saul Vasquez who visits SHS twice a month to coach and check the progress of every student.

Sacred Heart CBSE School believes that with proper training at a young age, children can excel in any field of sports as they develop confidence and spirit of sportsmanship.