Safety & Security
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1. Scientific Psychometric testing

Scientific Psychometric testing and screening of all staff is mandatory before their appointment. They undergo regular sensitization drills and activities regularly to ensure complete child safety.

2. Cyber safety

Timely guidance is imparted among the students at their adolescence in groups as well as personally regarding cyber rules and internet morals and ethics to avoid misuse of internet, cyber bulling and peer pressure. This keeps a check on their mental health and concentration.

3. CCTV Surveillance

There are above 125 CCTV cameras installed in the school premises to ensure the health, welfare and safety of the students. All the activities of the inside and the outside of the school are monitored through these cameras from the server room. The location and functions of the camera are as follow.

Main entrance and public administrative office areaRecord all activities of the visitors
All the building exitsRecord all the exits from the building, reduce truancy
On bussesRecord activities during rides, reduce unruly behavior
PlaygroundReduce unruly behavior, record accidents
ClassroomsRecord classroom activities, reduces abuse

Emergency preparedness system established under ISO 14001-2004

  • Emergency Siren system (1.5 kms.)
  • Emergency Evacuation Exit System
  • Mock Drill Sessions for Evacuation
  • Emergency Assembly Points
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Signage Boards
  • Emergency Medical Facility.