Infrastructure & Facilities

A Sound Infrastructure forms the basis of any school.

Sacred Heart School has made it its mission to ensure that its students get access to anything and everything. From technology to music, from International sports to science – we ensure that our students have everything required for their betterment.

Below is a list of the infrastructure and facilities available to our students.

Infrastructure NameDetails
Campus area of the school (in acres)11 Acres
Total built up area (in sq. feet)1 Lakh approx.
Number of Auditoriums6 Multipurpose
Total Seating capacity of Auditoriums2000
Number of laboratories of different subjects11
Number of class rooms75
Number of IT enabled learning rooms82 Classrooms
3D Hologram Technology activity room01
IT enabled activity rooms07
Number of Play grounds02
Total State-of-Art Smart with Augmented Reality Voice Recognition IT enabled learning rooms82
World Class Planetarium01
Dance Room02
Music Room01
Aerobics Studio01
Yoga Room01
Pottery Room01
Art and Craft Room01
Swimming Pool01
Linguistic Club01
Theatre of Innovation01
Centre of Astronomy & Space Studies (AC Hall)01
State-of-the-Art Digital Lab (Design Hub) 01
Sound Engineering Lab (Musical Kingdom) 01
Medicare Room 01